Italian Artisian Furniture, Artitalia Group | Eco Friendly

From the beginning, at Artitalia Group, we have practiced our commitment to environmentally-conscious production of our artisan-crafted furniture and home décor. We choose our materials and create our furniture based on respect and concern for the environment, and the health of our craftspeople. But we wanted to go further…


An idea was born to create a signature line of furnishings with the same enduring methods used by craftsmen of long ago – in complete harmony with nature. We studied traditional production methods and materials used by artisans of past generations and adapted these to create our LEONARDO line. The LEONARDO line was conceived with a healthy environment in mind – every step of the production process was designed to ensure the lowest possible impact to the environment.

We exclusively use European walnut and oak broadleaf species to supply the wood for our LEONARDO pieces. Great care is taken to guarantee the wood is sustainably harvested from responsibly managed forests, ensuring the health of the forest and the availability of the resources for generations to come. Forest management is certified for compliance with official rules.

From time immemorial, trees have provided us with the means to live well, supplying wood as fuel, shelter and for many a livelihood. This relationship is honored in the LEONARDO collection, where wood is handled to retain its natural beauty, free of chemicals. To continue this relationship, we plant new trees to replace the trees we harvest, maintaining a commitment to preserve the forest and provide an unspoiled habitat for creatures that call the forest home.

A proud feature of our new line is the LEONARDO joint – elements of the piece are joined together without the use of nails, screws or harmful glue.

For the finish, we use only natural, plant-based oils. LEONARDO chairs are stuffed with natural latex. Just like the artisans and craftsmen of times past, we do not use petroleum derivatives, chemical solvents, acrylic resins, formaldehyde, lead or other harmful substances in these pieces. LEONARDO pieces are free from harmful fumes, because nothing harmful goes into the materials or the processing. Moreover, these natural materials and processes make it easy to care for and restore your piece.

We’ve left nature so intact, you can still feel and smell the warmth and perfume of the wood. The air in your home will be healthier, and your indoor surroundings will be as beautiful as the nature outdoors, bringing you health and harmony from within.

Finally, even the remnants of the LEONARDO production process are recycled or composted to return them to the cycle of nature. Nothing is wasted.

Best of all, Artitalia Group matches this concern for health and the environment with the highest level of quality and care in the manufacturing of our striking heirloom furniture. Your LEONARDO piece will be passed from generation to generation, just as we will leave nature a little more beautiful – for all of us.