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Caring For Your Artitalia Furniture

Like any other precious object, Artitalia furniture needs a little care. Our furniture is designed for unlimited duration. To maintain its particular finishing unaltered, it is however necessary to follow some simple rules:

  • Apply a thin layer of wax with a cloth once or twice a year, so as to protect and revitalize the furniture surface.
  • Use specific products for wood cleaning. Water, alcohol and solvents in general are to be avoided, as they irreparably spoil the varnish film. For the same reason, hot dishes or objects must not be put on the furniture directly.
  • Remember that wood is a “living” material. It is common knowledge that its natural structure can undergo slight changes with the passing of seasons, whether it is located in wet or dry rooms. These minor changes are not to be considered as imperfections. They are rather a guarantee that real solid wood was used. This holds true for antique components, too. Wood undergoes minor changes if, after many years in a certain room, it is moved to a dry or wet place.
  • To care for zinc table tops, or trim, use water and a cotton cloth for light cleaning, and dry thoroughly with a dry cotton cloth. If necessary, deep cleaning might involve a few drops of liquid soap and water. Again, dry completely with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Never soak zinc or wood, or place hot pans on its surface. Abrasive products, and wood polishes like Pledge must be avoided.